Campaign Specific Rules


A race may not be played until it has received a nationality assignation. If you want to use a race not yet assigned, please contact me directly (including suggestions).

So far:

Human: Spain, Portugal, Italy

Elf: France

Half-Elf: roughly any mixed European race

Eladrin: English isles

Dwarf: Germany/Poland

Orcs: African nations, with half-Orcs along the north/northwestern coasts (Moors)

Goblin: Refers to most East Asian nations

Genasi: Ottoman/Turk/Persian

Gnome: Jew


Standard point buy, as per the PHB and character builder.


Classes are restricted or face limitations based on the setting and their respective power source.

Martial classes: All allowed

Divine classes : All allowed, diety selection by DM approval

Arcane classes : Restricted, DM approval required

Shadow classes : Restricted, DM approval required

Primal classes : All disallowed

Psionic classes : All disallowed


Starting level will probably be around 9th level. Increases in level are possible. You ought to consider what Paragon class you would choose if it should come to that, and use that to help build your background/motivations.


I will probably select item(s) for each party member. Please do not base your functionality around a particular item, item type, or item power. Many items may be classified as non-magical despite giving relevantly similar bonuses or abilities. If you’re interested in a specific type of item (a sword, or a cloak) you would be well advised to include its origin/history in your background story.


All characters are required to have a clear allegience or debt to a faction which will be involved in the adventure. This should not be ignored or underdeveloped; you will receive clear, substantive benefit depending upon your loyalty and your involvement in the story may be tangential if you refuse to take this seriously. We can work this out cooperatively once you have a basic idea of the character/history you want to play.

Campaign Specific Rules

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